A Thousand flowers from a thousand meadows couldn't tell you what you mean to me. Nothing anyone sells could bring me what you brought to me. Some sweetness to the salty sting of the sea that fades unbearable memories of survivals havoc and brings a taste of real happiness to the drifter's silent escape, the solace of the free.

A., Coaching Client

2021120221_Kendra Independent Fire.png

Tara's digital picture, which she painted for me personally, I have as the background of my cell phone since December. Every time I look attentively at my phone, I know that Tara's best intentions are reflected in it. I also realize that this well-meaning comes not only from her, but from life itself. This feeling covers me like a soft veil and gives me peace and confidence. Even though I was skeptical at first about the principle of healing digital art, I must say that her work positively enriches my life. I don't remember which runes she chose to support me. But when she painted me the picture, I was in the midst of many changes in my life and troubled with much anxiety about the future. The picture did not solve all my problems and blow all my worries away. But it definitely gave needed peace in turbulent and quieter moments and thus supported me in a healing way.

K., "Independent Fire"