Kukui Healing - The Story Behind the Logo

Updated: May 27

If you read my post on The Story Behind the Name, then you know why I call my practice Kukui Healing. So why isn’t my logo an image of the kukui nut? What’s with all the strange lines and hearts?

Before I began searching for a business name, I had my logo drawn and ready to use. The logo is a sacred sigil (symbol) with images that best represent me, my personal journey, and my soul’s purpose. The most important thing when it comes to creating sigils is having a clear intent in mind. My intention for the sigil was to include creative transformational healing, balance, and love. I found pre-made sigils on the internet for Scorpio and facilitated healing. I combined pieces of the two and added my own elements to make it my own.

The six hearts, three on each side, represent my personal journey of transmuting the darkness with unconditional love. To do that, I must remain in a state of balance between the light and the dark and within myself. The number six in numerology represents balance, harmony, stability, and love. The number three represents creativity, optimism, and communication. I’ve found that the greatest transformations happen when combine all aspects are used simultaneously.

I believe that we all have the innate ability to heal ourselves. I don’t do the transformational healing work for anyone else. I simply facilitate the co-creative process, allowing healing to take place in another’s highest good and best interest. The logo best represents every intention I have for my personal life, my own healing journey, and how I'm meant to help transform the world.

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