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Journaling Exercise:

Imagine your life with unlimited time, money, ability, space, etc. Allow your mind to roam wild like a mustang on the plains. Where would you live? How would you spend your time? What would you do?

"Freedom is the basis of my life. I am expanding beyond my former limitations."
Animal Guides - Horse
Horse (Freedom, Expansion, Travel)

Imagine that, in addition to envisioning your dream life, you can make a shift that will be received and accepted by all. What is that change? How will you use this awesome power?

You can do an audio journal, video journal, or write a short story that describes your dream life.

I chose to write a short story that describes a short chapter in the future dream life I envision:

The anticipation of holding that fiery-haired, freckle-faced, toothy-grinned wild child into my arms warmed every part of my being as I sat on the porch swing of our cabin during the crisp morning in January. Three weeks ago, I agreed to let my daughter Evelyn stay with her dad for the winter holidays. They had a special ski trip planned for just the two of them. I was reluctant to part with Evelyn at first, given her dad’s and my history, but I decided to let the past rest and move forward in trust. Besides, giving Evelyn some much-needed father/daughter bonding time was good for everyone and it allowed me to take a trip to India that had been put on hold for several years.

I received a text a few minutes earlier letting me know they were getting gas at the station down the road. The water was boiled, the tea was prepared, and our cauliflower pasta dish was warming in the oven. I could hardly sit still in my excitement over hearing all about Evelyn’s ski adventure. I was looking forward to showing her pictures of my visit with friends on the beaches of Goa and describing the sacred temples near Calcutta.

I saw the cloud of dust moments before the black sedan appeared like a chariot rider racing to the finish line. I leaped down the two wooden porch steps with an ungraceful landing on the hard dirt and ran to the gate without any care about how silly that probably looked. Evelyn rolled down the blackout shaded rear passenger window and let out a loud, “Mom! I missed you!” which was followed by soft waifs of visible breath. Oh, how my heart melted in that moment.

Evelyn’s dad and I exchanged the necessary pleasantries and gave each other brief updates while we helped Evelyn get her bags into the house. It wasn’t long before Evelyn and I were left alone to catch up, undisturbed by the outside world. I poured two cups of hot peppermint tea, homegrown from our community garden, and sat down at the kitchen table with her.

“So, how was your time with Dad?” I asked furtively.

“It was great! Grandma and Grandpa ended up going with us to the resort, but only Dad and I went skiing. We had so much fun! I fell down a lot, but I always got up. And guess what, Mom?”

“You tell me.”

“I went down a single black diamond run!”

Her face flushed with a mixture of excitement and pride as she told me how she mistakenly went down the black course after misreading the signs. At first, she was afraid and thought about waiting there until help came. Her dad went down a different course that they’d been on several times before. They were supposed to meet at a connection point where the two familiar blue runs met. Evelyn was worried that he’d be upset if she didn’t show so she decided to finish the run.

“When I got to the bottom, Dad was waiting for me. He looked scared, but also so proud of me!”

“Wow! That’s amazing! I’m proud of you too. I’m glad you had a great trip.”

“Thanks Mom. So, how was your trip to India?”

In between bites of cauliflower and sips of tea, we talked about my trip to Goa. I showed her pictures of the cows that shared the sandy beaches of Goa with the sunbathers and party people. I explained the connection I felt with the sacred temples in Calcutta. Evelyn joked about the connection she felt when she face-planted the snow during one of her many tumbles. We ate, laughed, and regaled fun memories of our adventures until we were both joyfully exhausted.

“Alright. Time for bed. You can sleep in tomorrow morning. I’d like your help getting ready for ecstatic dance night. We have several people signed up. Uncle Andy and I need the yurt set up by 6pm tomorrow evening. You can help us decide on some refreshments. Once you’re done helping, you can go hang out with your friends. I’m sure they’re excited to see you again. Everyone’s invited to the event with their parent’s permission. Oh, and just so you know, there’s no one in the KIDS haven right now, but I have a feeling someone will need it soon, so be prepared to welcome them.”

“Ok. Sounds good. Good night. I love you.”

Evelyn gave me a sleepy hug and kiss before she disappeared down the hallway into her bedroom.

“I love you too sweetheart.”

As I lay quietly in my bed, still dreamy from the sweet exchange between my baby girl and I, I thought to myself how amazing life was. Evelyn was happy, healthy, and safe. She had friends who were good for her soul, a dad that cared for her, plenty of wholesome food, clean clothes, and a nurturing mom who taught her what compassionate action meant. I was loved by so many families and friends in the healing community I helped to establish. I was being who I was meant to be. I was doing the things in life the allowed us to flourish.

I recited my gratitude prayer into the fireplace and watched the flames dance around my bedroom walls until at last I drifted into a dream about the new kid Andy and I were about to meet soon. They were in desperate need of our safe haven…

Leave a comment below. What came up for you during this journal exercise? What method did you use? I encourage you to use this journaling technique often to free yourself of limitations, rewrite your story, and create your dream life.

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