The Kukui Healing Process: Thriving in Three Steps

Updated: May 27

What is the Kukui Healing process?

The Kukui Healing process is a 3-step creative healing process intended to illuminate dis-ease in the mind, body, and spirit while helping you release that which is no longer serving your highest good and best interest so you can rewrite your story and create your dream life.

Reiki and digital art energy healing illuminates any negative nonbeneficial beliefs or unresolved core wounds. It can help you clarify root causes of a current situation. Energy healing also helps release old issues on all levels and layers of your being including past life and ancestral connections.

Nature bathing helps you release by detoxifying and purifying your body. It rebalances the mind, providing a profound sense of peace, wonder, and hope. It can also allow you to reclaim your personal space and establish healthy energetic boundaries.

Rewriting stories using both visual and verbal techniques reduces negatively charged thoughts, emotions, and memories associated with a past or present issue or event. It creates new neural pathways in your brain that allows for the transformation of negatively charged memories into positively charged ones.


The three steps don’t necessarily happen in order. Often, the steps flow together co-currently throughout the entire process. For example, sometimes we can begin releasing something with positive affirmations. By speaking a new self-truth to existence, you are creating new neural pathways and therefore can also begin rewriting a new story for yourself. Other times, you may start rewriting a painful childhood memory or releasing the day’s stress in nature and you illuminate something entirely unexpected.

The most effective way to achieve long-lasting results is to combine and repeat each step in the creative process with someone committed to working along side you. Check out the Kukui Healing Packages to book your first 1-hour assessment. You can also book a 15-minute co-creation call with me for more support on your dream life journey.

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