Message in a Bottle

This project is similar in concept to a time capsule, except instead of reviewing things from your past, you are manifesting what you would like for your future self.

Step 1

Gather Collage Supplies

· Glass Bottle or Mason Jar

· Glue

· Paper

· Writing Utensils

· Ribbon or String

· Paint, Glitter, and Stickers

· Essential Oils

· Crystals

Step 2

Write a letter to yourself in the form of affirmation statements. Tell your future self about all the things you want for them. What kind of person would you like them to be? Remember, your future self is really what you dream for yourself that’s ready to be created now.

Optional: Reiki the paper for manifestation enhancement.

Step 3

Roll the paper up, tie it with a bow, and insert it into your jar or bottle. Add essential oils, crystals, and anything else that represents your dreams in the jar with your message. Decorate the outside of the container to your heart’s content.

Optional: Add a note with a reminder or a specific open date.

Message in a Bottle. Added: 2 drops ylang ylang essential oil plus selenite and aventurine crystals

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