Inner Child Collage

The purpose of this exercise is to allow you to shift into a different perspective so you can step into a more creative, free-flowing space. By getting in tune with your inner child (a part of every person's psyche), expressing how you feel about them using affirmation statements, and allowing them, you can energetically reprogram how you feel about yourself in the present moment by transmuting some of the stories you internalized as a child.

Step 1

Gather Collage Supplies

· Construction paper

· Scissors

· Glue

· Magazines (I use the junk mail magazines that otherwise would be thrown in the trash)

· Crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc. Whatever your child’s heart desires!

· Your imagination!

Step 2

Take a few moments to tune into your inter child – the version of yourself that feels safe, loved, and cared for. They are the innocent voice inside of you without negative conditioning or preconceived notions of how you “should” be.

Consider what you would like to say to your inner child. What kinds of words and emotions did you wish you heard and felt as a child that would have made you feel safe, loved, and cared for?

Write a letter to your inner child on one side of the paper. Acknowledge them by name. Tell them how you feel about them in affirmation statement format. (i.e., “I am… I have... I will…”)

Example: Dear Tara (my inner child’s name),

You are loveable. You are safe.

You have a smile that shines on the darkest days.

No matter what, you are worthy of kindness and compassion.

You are a beautiful person, inside and out.

You will accomplish great things!

Step 3

On the other side of the paper, glue words, phrases, images, colors, and patterns that best represent how your inner child is currently feeling. Allow your inner child the creative freedom to express themselves without judgement.

"Joyful Pieces" created by Tara

My inner child was feeling a mixture of playful expression with the bird head, one bear foot, and one bunny foot in overalls. She was feeling like she wanted to enjoy the smells and sights of the outdoors with some flowers, but there was also a little bit of storminess in the air.

Optional: Post your collage somewhere in your house as a daily reminder of how amazing you are!

My inner child collage is posted on my personal goals vision board in my bedroom

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