"I Love You"

This self-love booklet can be used as a reminder whenever you need a self-esteem or mental health boost.

Step 1

Gather Collage Supplies

· Card Stock

· Ribbons

· Glue

· Stickers

· Hole Punch

· Paint

· Markers, Crayons, Colored Pencils, etc

Step 2

On one side of the card stock, write at least 3 phrases that begin with, “I love you (your name)…” and end with a statement of why or how you are loveable.

Example: “I love you Tara, because you are you and that is enough.”

Step 3

On the opposite side of each statement, draw, paint, origami, or color an image that you feel represents the statement.

Optional: Hole punch, string together, and post your self-love booklet where you can use it as a daily reminder that you are loveable.

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